Emily Bett Rickards on Olicity.

Why would you make me do this? You’re my best friend in the world! Yeah, and you’re more than that, Jemma. I couldn’t find the courage to tell you.

OUAT Rewatch
↳ 2x01 - Broken

arrow meme | ten episodes
↳  The Huntress Returns [5/10]


Never tire of seeing Felicity take care of Oliver or Oliver take care of Felicity. 

toast to clichés and a dark past

fangirl challenge 2.0 » [33/?] characters

John Diggle (Arrow)

JEMMA: Her core temperature’s hovering around 44° Fahrenheit. If we don’t bring her back up to temp in the next few hours, she could sustain permanent brain damage. We need to get her to a medical facility and fast. Until then, I’ll do everything I can do keep her alive. Excuse me.

And what exactly do you think fairy tales are? They are a reminder that our lives will get better if we just hold onto hope.

Mean Girls of S.H.I.E.L.D.

OTH MemeBrotp [1/6] » Brooke and Nathan
"The two of us have been down very similar roads. We were in the same cliques first, we both felt the same pressures, the same expectations… So I think you know I get it."

countdown to season 2 → for king and country (1x09)

"And you, my brother I envied you for so long, and look at us now. You have what’s mine, and I have your freedom. Well, I, I plan to take full advantage of it."